Troubleshooting Computer No Sound

type = ' html ' >Computer Troubleshooting no sound -why Yes my computer can not eject sound, even though the speaker cables is mounted properly?. What should I do so that my computer can emit a sound?. There are many conditions that cause the computer can not eject sound. Starting from hardware problems and software problems. Therefore, to be able to fix it, you have to check one by one until the damage get way out. Okay, please follow the steps below,

komputer tidak ada suara
  1. Check your computer's Sound card. Click start = > control panel = > system and security = > click device manager in the menu system. Double click on the sound, video and game controllers. Make sure the sound card already installed.

  2. If there is a problem on the sound card drivers on points 1, please right click and select update driver software. Select one way to install drivers, namely via internet download or install it from the computer. If you don't already have the required drivers, select the first option.

  3. Make sure drivier already installed, also note the settings on the software drivers. For example, when using the ' realtek audio manager ' when you plug speakers or headphones on a computer, then popped up a notice from drivers to determine the type of device that you just plug it in, make sure you choose the appropriate type of device (e.g. headphones)

  4. Use the Troubleshooter provided by windows, this tool will help you find problems that exist on the computer, so you can immediately fix it. Open the following link in order to use that tool = >
  5. Go to the link, and select open with diagnostics troubleshooting wizard. Click ok
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