This Is The Cause Why The Computer Suddenly Switches Itself Off

type = ' html ' >Guide computer technicians -are you having computer switches itself off suddenly without warning before?, if yes, please refer to the following article is fine. The computer switches itself off unexpectedly are caused by a few things, however, the most frequent is because the temperature on a overheat, kompouter is due to a faulty power supply or fan that is not working properly. Here are some of the causes of computer switches itself off unexpectedly,

komputer mati sendiri

  1. PC Overheating
    The computer will die himself suddenly to perform component damaged prevention efforts because it is too hot. The way to handle it is by finding the cause of the overheating temperature.
    -Open your PC, note the Fan on the CPU and PSU, make sure there are no problems
    -Make sure there are no objects of any kind that is blocking air circulation on the PC
    -Clean the dust-dust that stick to the PC
  2. Hardware Error
    You are trying to borrow a friend's pc hardware, try to replace one by one to find the problem. Or if you're just buying new hardware and pair it, try to release in advance to make sure the hardware is not the cause.
  3. Virus
    Try the antivirus always updated gunkan to prevent virus attacks
  4. Reinstall
    If the problem still appears, try to do a Reinstall of the OS of your PC
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