How To Repair Hard Drive Bad Sectors

type = ' html ' >Ebook computer technician -hard drive bad sectors is a condition where there is a section of the hard drive that is not usable by the system due to a malfunction or failure of the os in access. Damage to the hard drive is very detrimental to (read: How to repair corrupted hard drive), because it can cause your computer to become extremely slow. Read also, 'Trick jitu overcome computer slow'.

There are two types of hard drive bad sectors, namely bad sectors ' Hard ' and ' Soft ' bad sectors.
Hard disk bad sectors cannot be repaired because there was damage to the physical form of the hard drive, the hard disk bad sectors is usually caused by ' Head ' crashes, which is a condition where the head on the hard drive platter that the contact occurred causing permanent damage to the hard drive.

In contrast to the hard, soft bad sectors bad sectors can we fix by using the default software from windows, the ' Chkdsk '. Here's how to fix hard drive bad sectors using the ' Chkdsk ',

  1. Open windows explorer (press windows + E on the keyboard)
  2. Right click on the disk to be checked and select properties
  3. Open the ' Tools ' tab and then on the error checking Select ' Check now '

    Cara Memperbaiki Hardisk Bad Sector

  4. Select the second option and select ' Start '
  5. After that, your computer will restart
This could damage the checking process took quite a long time, therefore, it is strongly recommended you use this feature when ana computer isn't being used.

How to prevent hard drive bad sectors
Here are some tips to prevent hard drive bad sectors,
  1. Make sure your computer's temperature remains cool and clean from dust-dust sticking
  2. Turn off the computer with the correct process
  3. Use a good quality PSU to keep the flow of unwanted flow-from PLN (read: tips in choosing a power supply)
  4. Avoid shaking-shaking on a computer or laptop to prevent head crash
  5. Use antivirus always updated to protect computers from malware attacks
  6. Use disk defragmenter software to prevent the occurrence of bad sectors
Okay, so the article from me about the hard drive for bad sectors, ranging from his understanding, how to fix it and how to prevention to avoid having bad sectors. Hopefully this article can be of benefit to all of you.
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