How to Re-install/Install new Windows 7 easily with Pictures

type = ' html ' >How Install Windows 7 easily with Picture -Windows operating system released by Microsoft. There are many other windows operaing system other than alone, for example, linux, mac, and others. Well this time I'm going to give a tutorial or guide to install windows 7 on Your computer or laptop. Okay, here are the steps,

  1. Prepare an installation CD that you have purchased from Microsoft
  2. After it goes into the bios of your laptop or computer, and then change the first boot to CD/DVD
  3. For how to change the first boot, please read our article about the Boot Order
  4. Exit the bios, and then press any key to boot from CD. If the writing does not come out like that, then the boot order settings for your trouble.
  5. After that wait until the windows loading files with perfect
  6. Select the language, the currency format and input keyboar
  7. Click Install Now
  8. Appears the Accept license Terms. Tick on the ' I Accept ' and click next
  9. Which type of installation do you want?, in this section select the second, i.e. Custom
  10. Select the partition where you want to install windows, local disk c there is usually a top (topmost if it measures only 100 MB means local disk c is below).
  11. Go to options and then format the drive first local disk c to long lost files.
  12. It is important, if you don't format the disk to another disk, such as D, E etc, then Your files will not be lost, so you can install windows without omitting data at D, E etc
  13. If you have selected the disk, click next
  14. Then wait until the installation is complete
  15. After that, your computer will restart several times, just wait
  16. Choose a username and computer name, click next
  17. Choose a password, click next to skip
  18. Enter your serial number, click next to skip
  19. Select the update option, select ask me later if you want to update manually
  20. Set your computer's date and time
  21. Congratulations, Windows is already installed
  22. The last stage is please install the drivers on your computer, ranging from vga, chipset etc. All drivers are on cd when you buy a laptop/computer motherboard
This tutorial from me on how to install windows 7 on your computer. If there are questions about how the installation, please ask questions via the comments field below. Thank you.
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