How To Create A Local Area Network, A Computer Network Easy Tutorial

type = ' html ' >How to create a local area network, a computer network Easy Tutorial - local area network is a computer network that is used for the local area is limited such as home or school. LAN network very easily created because it requires only a few tools and settings on the computer. (Read Also: Trick Fix Slow Computer/Laptop) This time I will give a brief article 'How to make your own lan' on windows 7

Tools to build a local area network
  1. Router
    The Router is the heart of a network. The Router function to connect one network to another network. In this case, the router connecting the network to the internet with LAN network
  2. Switch
    Unlike a router, a switch serves to connect each computer on a LAN network
  3. Ethernet Card
    The Ethernet card is an adapter to plug in an ethernet cable so that the computer can connect to the network. Usually, on the latest computers, this card has been pinned on onboard so you don't need to buy any more.
  4. Ethernet Cable
    The cable used to connect a computer to the router or it could be one computer with another computer. The tip on the cable was given a connector called RJ-45. RJ-45 has two settings, i.e. straight and cross. Straight is used to connect a computer to the router while the cross is used to connect your computer directly to the computer.
  5. Modem
    If you want to connect your network to the internet, then you also have to buy a modem. If you don't buy a modem, then your computers can only communicate with other computers on the LAN.
  6. Other equipment
    Crimping tool, LAN tester, scissors, multimeter.
    Crimping tool is used to connect the RJ-45 ethernet cable. LAN tester is used for testing LAN cable works or not. As an alternative to expedite or facilitate your work, you can ask for help to the seller for example to simultaneously ehternet cable plug RJ-45 so that you live the attaching cables to the router and the computer.
Before setting up the equipment at the top. It is highly recommended you do planning in advance, which includes the amount of computers, area, so you can make an effective cable so that the draft can save cost. You bia using software such as paint to make a draft of Your LAN network setup. After that, you can buy the necessary equipment and attach equipment-the equipment above.

Here is a model that we will use to build a network LAN (it could also be for the Cybercafe). source image (

jaringan lan

1. is the Internet
3. is the modem and the Router that connects your computer to the internet server
4. the server computer
5. Switch

After the hardware is installed, is now the stage for setting software. These settings include the installation of OS, network connection settings, configure a TCP/IP address, the last one is a test network that you have installed.

Enable Internet Connecting Sharing
ICS aims to share the internet connection, the host computer to another computer.
To enable ICS on a computer server, please go to the Control Panel, click Network and Internet, click Network and Sharing Center, click Change Adapter Center, right click on the connection that you want to share, click Properties, click the Sharingtab, and then select the check box to Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection, save. Okay, up to this point, only the server computer can connect to the internet

After the connection is shared, then each computer should get an IP address. How,
  1. Open Control Panel, click Network and Internet, click Network and Sharing Center, click Change Adapter Center.
  2. Right click on the LAN connection, click Properties
  3. Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6), and then select properties
  4. Click Obtain an IP address automatically or Obtain an IPv6 address automatically.
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