The Group Said Said The Most Beautiful Pearls

type = ' html ' >Kata Kata Mutiara -After discussing a lot about computers, this time I will give you the words to give an article gkata pearls. Surely we are refreshing the article off topic, hehehe. Okay, the word pearls I get from a variety of sources, predominantly in a twitter account @kata2bijak and Mr. Mario Unswerving in @MTLovenHoney.

If your friends have a collection of other wise words, simply submit via kolomkomentar under, later I will update to in this article. In most of the way, I give simply mending the Pearly most beautiful words in the world,

kata mutiara

Stop judging others, and begin to appreciate them

Our time is very limited, so don't waste our time to busy with someone else's life

The best way to predict the NCC is with creating the future itself – peter f. Drucker

Big guys take the road towards the goal through the obstacles and difficulties that are great.

There are two kinds of people are funny; who did not understand and then angry, and who do not understand but joined Mario Unswerving laugh-

Men with false love, despite giving the original diamond, never plan Your blissful betul2-Mario Unswerving

Complaints regarding incompetency, arises from lack of courage-Mario Unswerving

Be thankful for each of your smile, so God can menghadiahimu beauty to every grain of your tears-Mario Unswerving

Cheer up today. You are the first person that you should like. Syukurilah your self-Mario Unswerving

Success takes practice, disciplined, hard-working & David Rockefeller

Success means to do the best that we can with what we have. Not to want what other people have.

creative people are motivated by the desire to move forward, not by the desire to beat the other org-Ayn Rand

When an egg is solved from outside, then a life has ended. But when an egg broken from inside larhirlah, new life

Love teaches us about the meaning of courage, and loved to teach us about the meaning of respect.

Life is the fruit of a long struggle, and death is the fruit of the eternal struggle.

A bad peace, still better than a good war. Mario Unswerving quarrels-Shun

Woman crying does not mean weak, because sometimes they don't know how to say what they feel.

People grow through strong change, while the weak resist change – Mario Unswerving

Whatever the words of others, learning and work keraslah for your success. Don't be angry, balaslah with Mario Unswerving success —

That was the Word kata mutiara best I can gather. If you would like to share these words into facebook, simply copy and paste it in the comments field at the bottom of this article, then Your comment will automatically appear on your facebook home page.
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