Learn How To Reset BIOS, BIOS, BIOS-Mastering

type = ' html ' >Learned how to Reset BIOS, BIOS, BIOS Mastering. The BIOS, or basic input output system, is a software that serves to perngkat doing POST (power on self test) which is a function for the installation and testing of hardware prior to entry into the operating system. In addition, the BIOS also has other duties, such as the current date and time is set on the computer.

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The Title Of The Ebook : Learn Easy BIOS BIOS, Mastering
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Examples of material, how to reset the computer Bios
Sometimes, there sat where we have to reset the BIOS because of something, such as when we make a mistake when overclocking. Once a when I change my ettingan in the bios, and it happens, my computer cannot log on to windows, the screen is black does not appear anything.

Well the only thing ya step by restoring the BIOS jumper setting. How toopen the casing of the computer, then unplug all cables connected with electricity. After that unplug baterei CMOS on the motherboard, wait a few minutes, then plug it back in, turn on your computer, then your BIOS has been reset.

Open the BIOS does is easy, but to operate or even do the repairs cannot be done by lay people. For example, when doing a BIOS update, if there are errors, not to cover the possibility of the motherboard and will die on the stack in place of disposal.

With this ebook, hope can be a bit of an explanation to readers who want to know more deeply what is BIOS, its functions, how to update BIOS, flashing the BIOS and many more things that you will get.
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