How to fix/Repair Windows 7 with Startup Repair Without Reinstall

type = ' html ' >Guide computer technician -Startup repair is a tool that is used to correct errors contained on the windows in a way to change the file system operaint is missing or damaged system files. Before running startup repair, you need the installation CD of windows 7. Then make sure all the pendrive, external hdd you have been disconnect from your computer.

Cara Repair Windows 7 dengan Startup Repair

  1. Enter the BIOS, change the first boot to dvd, save
  2. Press any key when it appeared the words "press any key to boot from cd or dvd"
  3. Set the date and language
  4. Click "Repair your computer", wait for the process
  5. On the ' System recovery tool ", select a top," Use recovery tools .... ", and then click next
  6. Then appears a few menu options like the above picture, choose "Startup repair"
  7. Wait for the process to finish, and then click "Finish"
In addition, it might be this way is not going to fix your system, there are some cases so that the system could not be fixed by startup repair. So an article on how to repair a damaged windows 7, hopefully this article can give a bit of knowledge to its readers.

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