How To Fix Corrupted Printer Canon, Epson, HP

type = ' html ' >Guide Technicians Computer -Printer is a hardware device that serves to computer output. The Printer produces images that are printed through the computer. This time I will give you an ebook that contains reference material about the printer. This Ebook discusses all the complaints about printers and solutions to overcome problems of such damages.

Cara memperbaiki printer rusak

The title of the Ebook : Step Step Printer Repair Damaged ny
Total pages : 52 Pages
Format : PDF
Size : 1.10 MB


The types of printers
In this chapter you will learn the types of printers that is circulating in the community. The type of the printer itself, there are three kinds, namely InkJet printers, Laser printers and dot matrix printers Jet. All these types of printers will be discussed pros and cons so that you will better understand the difference between the three.

How to repair the damage and problems
In this chapter you will find a wide variety of types of damage to computers and how to overcome it. How to reset the printer, such as how to fix printer striped and others. The following is an example of the damage to the printer and how to fix it,

The printer prints of striped or also the resulting color fading.
Possible causes:
  • There are air bubbles in the cartridge
  • Print head clogged ink dry
  • Print head faulty
  • Error in installing cartridge
  • One of the color ink runs out
  • Error setting on the computer
  • Do head cleaning to remove the air bubbles in the cartridge
  • Replace the old/damaged cartridge
  • Check your computer settings at the best quality setting
  • Replace the print head if it breaks

Something like that is the content of this ebook, you will be presented a wide range of complaints on the printer and also the solution or how to fix it. This is very useful for adding your experience in repairing computers.
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